ENECA is a local non-governmental organization based in Nis, registered and operational since 2005. Our mission is sustainable local development in the Southeast Europe (SEE). It is our goal to continuously and consistently follow and meet our clients’ and partners’ needs providing the environment, which would improve their business, knowledge, skills and abilities. We are completely dedicated to socially responsible business activities taking care of human needs and preserving natural resources.

Since its foundation, ENECA has been active in the field of socio-economic development directly assisting over 1000 small businesses with the equipment, business and vocational trainings, direct monitoring and counseling. Through a range of projects which ENECA has implemented either individually or in cooperation with local and international partners, we have managed to stay focused on resolving the critical socio-economic issues present in the south of the country. We have also maintained the continuity in our work by ongoing improvement of the knowledge we have acquired as well as by monitoring the socio-economic situation in Serbia.

Through supporting the establishment and development of small family businesses, ENECA has enabled employment and new jobs creation in towns and municipalities in which the projects have been implemented.

Employing is always followed by additional education through business and vocational trainings, local community support and often business sector support, which results in the best outcomes and long-term sustainability.

The projects, implemented by ENECA, are based on the sustainable development concept, taking care of the national and local strategies as well as the international standards. Moreover, not only have we been trying to follow new mechanisms and trends but we also anticipate and create them.

2012. ENECA, Prijezdina 6/2, Niš, 18000, Republic of Serbia
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