The final phase of the project " Start up for your business "

The project "Start up for your business" is entering its final phase. Requested equipment has already been ordered and delivered to the majority of our clients who have sent back photos of their new machines expressing the pleasure onthe final project results.


Thanks to successful cooperation between ENECA and company "Philip Morris Operations" fourth year in a row,purchase of equipment worth 2.000 EUR for prospective entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies was made possible. This year, the program was expanded to 110 clientsfrom the entire territory of Serbia.


Business training for supported clients isongoing.All of them follow training from the comfort of their homes or offices at a time that suits them - online. This is the first time that ENECA is organizing online training for the supported clientsin cooperation with EDUKA PLUS.The reason for online business training isthe location – they are located all over Serbia. Subjects of training that our clients have the opportunity to follow are entrepreneurship and business planning, marketing and sales, bases and sources of financing for entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises. Although conducted by electronic means, training is interactive so our clients have the opportunity to at any time ask what they are interested in, related to their business situation or a business problem theyencountered. The goal of training is to provide for young, but also those already experienced entrepreneurs, new informations and tools to successfully run their own business and overcome the difficulties they face with.


National action of communal work is currently ongoing throughout the country. Each client in his local community is carring out activities that will contribute, in some way, to their fellow citizens. Photos and official confirmations are arriving from all over the country, and some of those activities are: arranging public, green space around the sports fields and playgrounds, working with marginalized groups, working with the Red Cross to distribute aid packages to vulnerable, workshops and lectures for children in schools, kindergartens and orphanages...


We are proud that our clients have taken an active part in the improvement of living conditions or simple embellishment of everyday life of their fellow citizens.

2012. ENECA, Prijezdina 6/2, Niš, 18000, Republic of Serbia
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