Nis, 31st January 2014

87 refugees and internally displaced people from city of Zaječar and five municipalities from south Serbia have been supported to start a small business: this support has been provided within the project "Economic strengthening as a Means for the Integration of Refugees, IDPs and Returnees" implemented by local NGO ENECA, from Niš. With this project which lasted from May 2012 to 20th January 2014, it has been provided concrete support to refugees and internally displaced people in Serbia to create their small sustainable family businesses. The project was financed by the EU with a 250.000 Euro donation and implemented in close cooperation with six municipalities in the south of Serbia and Commissariat for Refugees and Migration.

With this project, 87 refugees and internally displaced people have been supported to start a small business in city of Zajecar, Blace, Kursumlija, Sokobanja, Vladičin Han and Žitradja municipalities. They received 2,000 euros in kind grants which enabled them to create sustainable businesses with stable income. An estimated number of 87 jobs have been created thus increasing employment of some of the most vulnerable refugees and IDPs as well as a small number of the most vulnerable local population. They started with agriculture, craft and service businesses – from beekeeper to hairdresser and restaurant manager. Personal stories of the participants are presented in the booklet "Economic Empowerment as a Means for the Integration of Refugees, IDPs and Returnees," available on the website of the EU Delegation to Serbia http://www.europa.rs/en/publikacije.html.   Additionally, beneficiaries were provided with vocational and business training, monitoring and counseling which will ensure the sustainability of newly supported small family businesses.


This project was part of wider EU support programme for refugees and internally displaced people to help them find both housing solutions as well as job opportunities. EU support for projects of this kind now amounts to €64 million.

ENECA (Economic Expert Community Association) is a local NGO from Niš, Serbia, registered in April 2005 with the aim to support employment end socio economic development in south Serbia.

For detailed information: Marija Stankovic, project coordinator

2012. ENECA, Prijezdina 6/2, Niš, 18000, Republic of Serbia
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