The company Philip Morris has provided $ 75,000 and continues to provide all necessary assistance to those in need endangered by May floods 

The company Philip Morris has provided $ 75,000 to help the flooded areas in Serbia. The urgent help was provide in the purchase and delivery of boats, pumps, diving suits and other necessary equipment for rescue teams and placed them at the disposal of the Centre for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Serbia. The urgent action has been done in the partnership with ENECA.

During the these days, the company has assign the use of her warehouse space at Tosa’s well to the City of Belgrade for the purposes of storing drinking water, meals for people and other aid collected for evacuated citizens. Also, a donation has been made to the Red Cross in the form of 640 pieces of clothes and shoes.

During the night, the production staff in the factory in Nis loaded 27 tons of sand, which are transported by truck to the city of Sabac as a view of help in preparing the defense walls.

Hundreds of employees of Philip Morris organized themselves last night on their own initiative and volunteers are still helping people in need, in their local communities.


2012. ENECA, Prijezdina 6/2, Niš, 18000, Republic of Serbia
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