Grant contract signing in municipalities Kursumlija i Zitoradja

These days, ENECA has signed contracts for the donation of 25 new beneficiaries in the municipalities of Kursumlija and Zitoradja. In a signing ceremony, the audience was addressed by the project coordinator Marija Stankovic who wished success in work to the entrepreneurs. The ceremony was joined by trustees for refugees and Kursumlije and Zitoradja, Slavoljub Milojevic and Bratislav Micic as well as the president of Zitoradja, Goran Stojkovic.

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Entrepreneurs will be able to provide regular income for their families through their own work, thanks to the project “Economic empowerment as a tool for integration of refugees, internally displaced persons and returnees” whose donor is European Union through the EU Delegation to Serbia.

Each of the users of these donations will receive equipment worth up to 2.000 EUR in the form of equipment needed for starting or developing existing business activities. Also, a series of business and vocational training as well as advice and mentoring as a support in the business will be provided to them. Obligations which entrepreneurs have are to register their business activity, as well as to do 15 hours of community service for their local community.


2012. ENECA, Prijezdina 6/2, Niš, 18000, Republic of Serbia
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