Entrepreneurship Fair in Nis


Within the project "Chance for a new beginning" implemented by the Serbian Association of Managers and agency DNA Communications with local support provided by ENECA, which aims at developing entrepreneurship and starting own business in Serbia, Entrepreneurship Fair in Nis has been held.

The fair provided around 200 entrepreneurial initiatives/ideas for starting a business, divided into four areas: manufacturing, services, trade and agriculture. Each visitor could obtain a brochure in which those ideas were listed, a brochure with basic information necessary to start their own entrepreneurial work but visitors also had a chance to learn about the organizations in Nis and entrepreneurship support programs that those organizations are implementing.

The aim of the project "Chance for a new beginning" is development of entrepreneurial public awareness, and support workers who want to start their own business, alone, with their family members, or associated by providing ideas, information, suggestions and recommendations.

It is planned that the objective of the project is achieved through organizing entrepreneurial fairs throughout Serbia. The idea is to maintain eight entrepreneurial fairs in eight regions. By the end of the year, fairs in Krusevac and Subotica will be organized, and in the following year, in five more cities in Serbia.

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2012. ENECA, Prijezdina 6/2, Niš, 18000, Republic of Serbia
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