Support to refuges and IDP’s in Serbia

Nis, December 2009

Signed grant contracts with the final clients within the project “Support to refuges and IDP’s in Serbia” ...


Signing grant contracts in Knjazevac

Within the project “Support to refugees and IDP’s in Serbia” ENECA signed the grant contracts with the final clients in four municipalities – Bela Palanka, Doljevac, Knjazevac and Svrljig. So, 25 clients in Svrljig put their signatures on the grant contracts with average individual value of 1.500,00 EUR in dinar counter value. Grant contracts have also signed 13 clients in Bela Palanka, 16 in Doljevac and 6 in Knjazevac.

ENECA received 98 applications after the information campaign held in the targeted municipalities, having 83 candidates visited in the field.

Out of 60 approved grants, 48 were received by refugees and IDPs, while four grants were approved in Bela Palanka, Doljevac and Svrljig each to the socially vulnerable population.

Having the grant contracts signed, detail equipment / material specifications were identified and confirmed with supported clients, thus enabling ENECA to start procurement procedures.

Approved purchases of equipment/material should suit client’s needs and help them achieve sustainable businesses and securing regular income to their families.

2012. ENECA, Prijezdina 6/2, Niš, 18000, Republic of Serbia
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