Grant Contracts signed in Municipality of Prokuplje

Within the project “Support to employment and livelihood enhancement of refugees and IDP’s in Serbia”, financed by EU, with financial support of targeted municipalities, ENECA has signed Grant Contracts with 11 IDP Roma residing in Prokuplje.
On January 19th, on behalf of ENECA, Mrs. Marija Stankovic, project coordinator has signed Grant Contracts with final beneficiaries, in the presence of Mr. Osman Balic from YUROM Centre, Mr. Dejan Zivkovic from the association Drustvo Roma Prokuplje and other local partners.
Beneficiaries have sent applications in September and October, and during November and December have past through two selections conducted by ENECA, in cooperation with local partners. Equipment that will be provided for start up/development of their business activity will enable them to generate regular income for sustainability of their families. Average value of donation will be 2000 EUR.
Supported beneficiaries will be provided with business and vocational training in order to have more successful start of their business activity. The main obligations of supported beneficiaries will be to register their business activity and to perform communal work in duration of 15 hours.



2012. ENECA, Prijezdina 6/2, Niš, 18000, Republic of Serbia
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