Supporting Recovery of Floods Affected Households and Local Economies in Serbia, phase II


Region: Republic of Serbia, municipalities of Paraćin and Obrenovac

Budget: 653.976,00 EUR
Donors: European Union, through the Delegation of the EU to the Republic of Serbia
Duration: 2015 - 2016

IG project conceived to provide support for smaller entrepreneurs affected by floods in Serbia. The program is aimed at assistance to people in municipalities that were most harshly hit by the May floods 2014 in Balkans. DRC is engaged in the reconstruction of individual housing objects and provision of basic household, appliances and furniture sets for the most vulnerable households in the municipalities of Paracin and Obrenovac and ENECA, considering previous experience and work orientation, is engaged in reconsolidation of business activities of small and micro enterprises in the same municipalities. Entrepreneurs will be provided with rehabilitation of damaged business facilities, equipped with necessary equipment as well as material, for renewing their businesses. 


Each activity is being implemented in line with the adopted Implementation Methodology, with specific emphasis on rapid response to the needs, level of vulnerability of affected families, as well as on the impact of the assistance to the respective local communities. 

2012. ENECA, Prijezdina 6/2, Niš, 18000, Republic of Serbia
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